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December 19, 2004 by webdiod
depthCORE shines in the light again as we release another strong art pack that takes us back to our roots.

depthCORE releases it's final pack for the year of 2004--entitled "Element"--a venture into the fundamental pieces that shape the world, life, and mind. Pack 16 features over 75 works of art, including debut works of art from Rick Pirman (arterie).

2005 is a going to be a great year for us, as we embark on new themes and expand our knowledge. We will be releasing a new version of de...
October 19, 2004 by webdiod
HABITAT is here, and it's huge in every sense of the word.

Apart from the fact it is by far our largest pack to date with over 185 submissions, it is the first time depthCORE has done a proper study on a theme. This in itself is a huge step, as we move away from abstract expressionism, and begin to focus on creating with a strong concept in mind.

In this pack, we endeavour to portray our interpretations of our own personal habitat's, our physical, mental, political and social environm...
August 24, 2003 by webdiod
Rejoice, for depthCORE hath revamped and released again! The sites fourth and definitive version, containing the most advanced code, layout and options thus far seen, has been released to coincide with the groups greatest pack to date: TECHNICA.

The elves who work in the secret depthCORE dungeon have been extraordinarily busy, risking life, limb, their jobs and their sanity to produce this site and this pack for your viewing pleasure. The changes they have wrought should be immediately n...
August 19, 2003 by webdiod

Webdiod v4 Online Portfolio.
Webdiod (aka. Tony Graf) has launched v4 of his website at Webdiod.com.
Webdiod v4 is a smashing online portfolio featuring Graf's latest artwork and digital portfolio.
Webdiod v4 also includes appealing flash work to compliment the website layout, dubbed with selectable headers and sexy audio loops.
A fascinating new innovation added here includes video tutorials to help knowledge hungry individuals with the ease of visuals.

June 17, 2003 by webdiod
depthCORE turns one year old today, and to celebrate, we are releasing our eigth pack, 'FANTASY'. By far our finest pack to date, FANTASY features 25+ high calibre abstract pieces from some of the greatest abstract artists, as well as thumping tunes from the raging beasts at DCMusic!

As I am sure you will agree after viewing it, FANTASY is by far the highest quality pack depthCORE has released to date. Each and every piece in the pack represents the best work our wonderful artists are ca...
May 10, 2003 by webdiod
Abstract art group depthCORE today releases it's highly anticipated 7th pack entitled 'REBIRTH', featuring 40 brand new artworks, songs and skins for your visual and aural pleasure!

We're almost as puzzled as you are. A depthCORE artpack released only one week after the deadline? Amazing! This pack is one of our best yet (it sure has the coolest splash by webdiod ever!), and we release it with great happiness and pride. It features brand new art from new members darulian, rg-fn and getcarter,...
April 7, 2003 by webdiod
After a prolonged break, depthCORE proudly releases version 3 of the site, and unveils two brand new packs, featuring nearly 70 artworks from your favourite abstract artists!

depthCORE is proud is present two spanking new packs in an extravagant double-release of Foundry for pack 5 and Essentia for pack 6. Our artists explore the juxtaposition of these two terms, with some amazing abstract the result. Featured artist for this double release is Tony Graf, one of our senior and most talented ar...
November 24, 2002 by webdiod
After a slight delay with hosting problems, depthCORE is proud to present its fourth pack to you, NEMESIS!!

We've had a few problems and complaints in bringing this pack to you, but its finally here! NEMESIS boasts some of our finest abstract artwork to date, with its focus on collaborations highlighting the groups strong team dynamic.

The group has undergone some change since you last heard from us, adding a couple of new artists (7shadows & alphakx), a new skinner (t-k) as well as a...
August 24, 2002 by webdiod
The crafty cats at depthCORE unleash their second pack, repleat with 12 new artists, 60+ pieces, forums, a skin division, all your old favourite artists and a brand spanking new website!

After a two month wait, depthCORE has reogranized, revamped and re-released. Consolidating it's position in the art group scene, 'NIRVANA' is massive in every respect. Massive in size, quality, diversity and originality, 'NIRVANA' uses the medium of 3D abstract to express its creator's visualisation of t...